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Trust Our Experience in Treating Termites

You don't want the wooden structure of your home to be damaged by hungry termites. Have your property professionally inspected and treated by Bullseye Pest Defense.

Termites are often found in older homes, so if you are purchasing a house, you may want us to complete a pre-sale inspection. These inspections are often requested either by home inspectors or from the homeowners themselves.


Chemical treatments are often used to fight termites, though more than one treatment may be required. Then we'll return for a follow-up inspection a week later.

Inspecting your home

If you notice rotting wood around the house that looks like sawdust, it may be caused by termites chewing on the wood.


Damp wood can attract termites, which often live in colonies. Don't let your doors, furniture and home infrastructure fall apart. Schedule a treatment from Bullseye Pest Defense.

Signs of termite trouble

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