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Tired of dealing with nuisance pest inside and outside your property? At Bullseye Pest Defense, our expert team will help you get rid of these annoying creatures to make your everyday life worry free. Don’t try to remove them by yourself, call our professional staff right away. We provide humane capture and pest removal for homes and buildings.

Geese are one great nuisance in one’s yard. They can attack people especially when nesting and they produce waste that can also be dangerous to health.


Raccoons cause a nuisance to outdoor and indoor areas of the home and yard. They can carry many diseases and should be eradicated from residential and commercial properties.


A homeowner may see large excavated soil around the home's foundation and out buildings that can compromise the structural composition of the home. Chewing can harm shrubbery, flowers, and vegetable gardens.


Birds can become a nuisance when they get in the home through cracks in the roof or siding, leaving a mess and compromising insulation in and around the attic.


All other species, please call 888-898-8229.

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