These long-legged insects are very small with long, clear, and thin wings. They usually appear in dark color and often resemble mosquitoes. A gnats’ size is no longer than 33mm.

They are weak fliers and are very delicate. The most common pest of gnats’ specie is the fungus gnats. Their larvae prefer to live in damp and rich soils and feed on fungi, root hairs and organic materials. Adult gnats emerge in potted plants.

Gnats are harmless insects, however, they are annoying, especially when they emerge and hover around in large numbers. They also cause damage to plant beds and flowers causing them to have a poor growth, sudden wilting and yellowing.

Our Treatment Plan

  • Identify The Species
  • Identify Nesting Areas
  • Discuss Food And Nesting Source Elimination
  • Treat With The Least Invasion Necessary